lunes, junio 13, 2005

World Space Preservation Treaty Signing Conference

The Space Preservation Treaty Signing Conference is the most reliable, timely, and effective method available that will bring world leaders together to permanently ban all space-based weapons in an enforceable verifiable manner that will lead to a "cap" on the war industry while it evolves into becoming a space industry.

An International Treaty Signing Conference for the Space Preservation Treaty can be convened at any time by any willing U.N. Member State(s) under the authority of Article 102 of the United Nations Charter. Since 1948, over 40,000 multi-lateral agreements or Treaties have been signed, ratified and deposited with the U.N. Secretary General by Member States under Article 102 of the U.N. Charter. Under Article 102 of the United Nations Charter, "every treaty and every international agreement entered into by any Member of the United Nations after the present Charter comes into force shall as soon as possible be registered with the Secretariat and published by it."

An informal group of NGOs assists the convening Member States by mobilizing public opinion, preparing briefing documents for the Member States, and preparing educational materials in support of the Treaty Conference, as was done in 1997 at the Ottawa, Canada, Land Mines Treaty Conference.

Because there is intention of the current U.S. administration to deploy missile defense by 2004-5, inexorably linked to deploying space-based weapons under the guise of calling the deployment "merely tests" of this system, the Space Preservation Treaty Signing Conference must be produced quickly. Canada is identified as the best location, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich as well as MP Svend Robinson in the Canadian House have called on Canadian leaders to convene this Space Preservation Treaty Signing Conference.

The current U.S. administration plan is to "seize the high ground" to "dominate and control space," and many say that he who controls and dominates space also controls and dominates all on earth. The momentum of funding, vested interests and technology being put into place could make it impossible to stop the weaponization of space if a ban is not turned into law in time. Space-based weapons could be deployed under the guise of calling them "merely research" or "merely tests," or they could be deployed without even the conducting of tests.

Many experts say this is an emergency situation, as there is only one chance to ban space-based weapons. Many agree that time is of the essence to get the Space Preservation Treaty signed into law quickly. Experts also say that the signing of the Space Preservation Treaty will put necessary pressure .

Time is of the essence to get the Space Preservation Treaty signed into law.

The signing of the Space Preservation Treaty will help to put needed pressure on the U.S. congress and administration.

Key to preserving peace in space so we can achieve peace on earth: When the first twenty countries sign on to the Space Preservation Treaty, an international outer space peacekeeping agency will be established and equipped to monitor outer space and enforce (conflict resolution style) this ban. This equipment, of course, can also be used to finally verify arms agreements including the reduction and inevitably elimination of nuclear weapons and other dangerous and polluting technologies on our planet.

Solution: A "Fast Track" signing of the Space Preservation Treaty must funded in order to be set the Treaty signing process into immediate motion. An international Treaty Signing Conference on the Space Preservation Treaty must be convened as soon as possible to facilitate the leaders coming together for the signing and to bring into force an immediate and permanent ban on all space-based weapons. We must stop the arms race at the only moment in time, in all of history, when it can be stopped, before it begins in space (that is, before space-based weapons are deployed and/or before a momentum of funding and vested interests makes the weaponization of space impossible to stop).

The Space Preservation Treaty Conference Signing Ceremony will include a global media broadcast and Internet webcast.

Please volunteer to help this endeavor. We need to build a world movement to send packages of educational information to all world leaders, to media, to the people about the Space Preservation Treaty and to help organize the Space Preservation Treaty Conference.

Contact ICIS for further information and to get involved.

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